Perfect Strangers started in the cold months of Montreal in 2010. Since then they've been heating up the scene with their up-tempo soul infused blues rock. Their latest release 'Get Naked' introduced with a video release for the single "Pimp Hand Strong" has been getting the people of the 514 out of their homes to dance away the darkness since its August 31st 2016 release. Keep an eye out for your friendly neighborhood Perfect Strangers, they will be visiting a town near you soon! 

"Ever had the pleasure of falling for a perfect stranger? No, not the late-80s-Larry-and-Balki-dream-team kind of perfect...I'm talking serious cosmic union style, the kind of chance encounter that pins stars in a cloudy sky and plants serious groove into your every step. Perfect Strangers are part-time lovers, full-time RnB funksters & could get a convention of Claretian Missionary Sisters in the mood. "

                                                             - Rob Scalia co-owner of Mothership Studios